What are we up to ?

As a co-founder I feel this post has been long due. Before I start sharing some of my thoughts in this blog I would like to stress that "We are not just another eCommerce store". This store is only a tiny part of our overall vision. But I would like to stress this store is going to be a integral part of what we have in mind. I would like to ask one simple question to everyone who visit our site - Did you check our pages on why we started coolphabets ?. If not please checkout our Why page - This page should explain the reason behind why we started this project.

Being a parent of two kids I have seen the problem first hand of them reluctant to learn my mother tongue.  Both of my kids were not born in my mother land and of course naturally are reluctant to learn my mother tongue. I totally understand their reluctance.  As a first generation immigrant I felt I had to pass on my language to my kids, and make it fun in the process and not force it upon them. If each of us put ourselves in our kids shoes we get their agony. They have too many things to learn at school and learning their mother tongue/another language would be the last thing on their minds. Forcing the learning upon them or sending them to a weekend language school doesn't solve the problem. I for one believe that anything we do that is fun lasts for a life time and doesn't cause stress. If we could apply the same philosophy to their language learning , imagine the possibility. I have seen kids who have complained about child abuse when their forced the language learning upon them. I don't want that to happen to my kids nor would wish it upon any parent.

Have you observed how many objects that we sorround our kids with are in a language they would like to learn. Count it. From my personal experience I would almost say I had zero before I started this project. Based on this we at coolphabets have come with a multi phase approach to make their learning fun.

1) The first phase of learning is create a bonding of the language with the kids. One of the ways we thought this could happen is the concept of visual learning. Sorround the kids with the objects with the alphabets of the language they wish to learn. This way the kids can identify the language and create a natural bonding. This makes the language learning fun to them.

2) Second phase of learning involves writing the alphabet. In this digital age where a two year old can operate a smart phone with ease,we realized we need to cater to the needs of this and all other future generations. We gave it a lot of thought and created a fun app called 'Coolslate' (which is downloadable in google play store). This app gives a whatsapp like interface with the twist of interface that you or your kid can write with your finger or a stylus. Currently we are in the process of enhancing this app further with artificial intelligence.

3) Third phase of learning involves perfecting the writing of the alphabet. Traditional learning involves a lot of tracing the alphabets with the teacher giving the feedback. This would not scale when the number of students increases. Imagine your device taking the role of a teacher that gives you an instant feedback on how well the alphabet is written. We are solving this problem with the latest technologies in Computer science involving deep learning and Artificial Intelligence.

4) Fourth phase of learning is the enhancement of the third phase with incentive based learning. Getting your kids interested in learning the language can be enhanced through incentives. We are going to solve this using gamification and social currency. This phase would create the maximum interest in the kids where they would compete against themselves to get better in learning the alphabets.

Imagine as a parent if we give you tools where you need not monitor them on a micro level instead can monitor their progress. Once the kid is free from interference we feel we can get the most creativity and learning out of them.

Now comes the question - what are we up to ?

We have nailed down a fantastic vision that we are confident would surprise each and every one. We want to go where no one has gone. 

We have working very hard behind the scenes in perfecting the deep learning/ Artificial intelligence algorithms, and building a global platform for alphabet learning for all major languages of the world.  

There are numerous other technologies we are working on to create that unique experience in learning the alphabets that is fun filled and satisfying. 

I would like to end this post by saying working on this project has been immensely satisfying personally and seeing first hand my kids benefiting from our methodology. We truly from our heart want to make alphabet learning that is stress free and fun filled.