COOLPHABETS has been in the making for many many years. In 2016 we decided to do something about it. We is Ranjit, Kiran, and Venkat. All of us went to the same school as kids.

Between us we slogged and got admitted to all kinds of fancy colleges. We settled far and wide in various countries. Then we slogged even more and scaled (are still scaling) corporate ladders at some of the worlds 'top-of-the-top' IT Corporations and Hedge Funds.

As we grew we felt our kids were getting more and more disconnected from their native language. Many of our friends and colleagues felt the same way. Everyone of us had a serious problem here. And this was a problem that could not be solved by just ’building an app'. We strongly believe the introduction of language to a new learner can be done in a very informal way. This is the belief that set us out to build Our mission is to “Help kids around the world learn their native alphabets through beautifully designed everyday household products.”

The COOLPHABETS you see now is the product of long conversations and feedback loops we had with many many parents like you. Building COOLPHABETS has been immensely satisfying for us. Every letter of every font has been carefully hand-crafted. Every item we print it on has been picked for its quality. 

COOLPHABETS is not some VC fuelled rocketship. We fund COOLPHABETS out of our pocket. When you buy something here we make a little revenue. We want to use that revenue to research and develop super cool things that your kids will love.

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